(This should not be taken as financial advice, cryptocurrencies can be incredibly risky. Consult a financial advisor before making any investment decision.)

Cryptocurrencies, as a brand new asset class within the financial space, can be extremely difficult to explain to those from a traditional financial background or for those who…

Many analysts have tried their best to model LUNA’s price action based on many different metrics. Here, I try to model UST adoption as a catalyst for LUNA’s price moves, as new UST minted requires the buying and burning of LUNA. This may become too technical for some people, but…

For those active on LUNA-tics Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen posts regarding Prism, a new Terra project with the goal of “refracting and revolutionizing DeFi.” Given little information yet provided by the team, I recently tried my best to figure out what this project could look like through a thread

Accelerated product development and a focus on real-world crypto adoption are paving the way for the success of the Terra financial ecosystem.

A lot of cryptocurrencies are promising big things, but few are actually infiltrating the current financial system. Terra has made it their mission to make crypto adoption mainstream in way that doesn’t require intense knowledge of blockchain technology and the DeFi ecosystem to benefit from their advancement. And after only…


Crypto currency investor and researcher. Focus on DeFi, Layer 1s, and the Terra ecosystem

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